The Sacer Family Albany NY Family Photographers

The last time we saw Gabby and EJ, they were expecting their little nugget.  Now he is about 6 mos. old and moving and grooving!  It was great to see this family of 3 and the little guy has the best smiles.  Oh, did we mention they are NY Mets fans??  YAY!  Let’s go Mets!

The Sacer Family Session 2023-05-24_0002

What a cutie!

2023-05-24_0003 2023-05-24_0004

Ya gotta believe!!

2023-05-24_0005 2023-05-24_0006 2023-05-24_0007 2023-05-24_0008 2023-05-24_0009 2023-05-24_0010

He loves to play

2023-05-24_0011 2023-05-24_0012 2023-05-24_0013

A Mets Family!

2023-05-24_0014 2023-05-24_0015

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