The Pritchett Family, East Chatham, NY

It is hard to believe that weather hasn’t impacted any of our shoots this year. We’ve been extremely lucky. The Pritchett family shoot occurred on one of those "warmer" days and had more of an early autumn feel. The entire family came out to smile for our cameras. It is so neat when you can get all of the branches of one family together for a group photo shoot. We even included the family dogs in on the pictures. They were a great family to work with!


Her eyes are as blue as mom’s sweater!

 008_6243 010_6259 012_6274

Cousins 014_6284 023_6376 027_2

Great shot of the whole family; even the dog is posing!

  033_6467 036_6483 047_6575 050_6621 056_6668



LOVE this of the entire family

 069_6768 083_6845

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