The Comiskey Family Dogs, East Greenbush, NY

We LOVE changing things up a bit! Occasionally, we get to do a dog shoot. They are ALWAYS interesting. The Comiskey family dogs were so good to work with. They had a ton of fun running around and by the look of some of the pictures, were pooped by the end of the shoot. To find out more about these Golden Doodle breeds, check out the website of their breeders at .Don’t you just want to snuggle these doggies? TOO CUTE!

010_5924 013_5929 016_5932 022_5948



Let’s play! 036_6021

Looks like someone is tired!


The Comiskey kids with the doggies.

 055_6119 058_6130 064_6165

OMG, look at those eyes!

 067_6168 069_6178

Is that dog smiling?

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