The Steltz Family, Valatie, NY

OK, so you’ve probably seen this family in our posts before. They are REGULARS and WE LOVE IT! The Steltz family just welcomed their third child and needed some updated photos for this year’s Christmas card. Actually we took these photos a few weeks back but waited to post knowing that they were a surprise to another family member. The little one was adorable and the twin brother’s just loved getting their picture taken with her. Happy Holidays Steltz’; we’ll see you in the new year ;)!


Sound asleep

 004_3691 006_3698 011_3804 012_3835

Trying to get their sister’s attention

 015_3879 023_3956

Kisses from mom 024_3962 026_3983

Look at those eyes!

 030_3999 031_4005 034_4014 037_4023

Boys will be boys


Santa’s little helper

 042_4048 045_4072

Hee hee 048_4087 051_4101

What a cutie!

 054_4123 057_4146

Kisses from dad 058_4162

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