The Petalas Neighborhood Shoot Albany NY Family Photographers

This bunch of neighbors contacted us  to set up a photo to celebrate one of the families in their “hood” that will be moving soon.  It was really something to see this group come together as they all stepped out of their houses for the session.  Living next to each other, they have all developed a close friendship; between adults and kids too.  It’s just awesome to see a community come together and this is an awesome one.  I’m sure the connection between the family moving and the rest will stay strong in the future.

The Petalas Neighborhood Shoot

The Adults


The kids

2021-10-07_0003 2021-10-07_0004 2021-10-07_0005 2021-10-07_0006 2021-10-07_0008

Wishing this family all the best in their new home


Saying good-bye to their old home; but I’m sure they have some amazing memories to hold on to

2021-10-07_0009 2021-10-07_0010

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