The Leonard Family Session Albany NY Family Photographers

Hitlin Wedding Alumni, Laura and Michael met up with us at the peak of Tulip Season in Washington Park for some family photos with their little guy and family dog; Carter.  Carter has been at every session with these guys since their engagement session.  Laura’s mom also came along to help with the session and we love that we were able to capture a few shots with grandma as well.  Always a pleasure seeing these guys.  

The Look

The Leonard Family Session 2021-05-28_0002 2021-05-28_0003

Hey there little guy


Awesome family, and we love seeing Carter too!

2021-05-28_0005 2021-05-28_0006

I just love these photos

2021-05-28_0007 2021-05-28_0008 2021-05-28_0009 2021-05-28_0010 2021-05-28_0011

3 Generations

2021-05-28_0012 2021-05-28_0013 2021-05-28_0014 2021-05-28_0015 2021-05-28_0016

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