The Hitlin Bros. Spring Session Albany NY Family Photographer

We make it our annual goal to try to dedicate a Spring photo session to our 2 sons; who we refer to as The Hitlin Bros..  Any professional photographer will tell you that taking pictures of your own kids is probably one of the hardest things you’ll photograph.  Not only do these two like to be complete goof balls most all the time, but can’t stop laughing.  As parents, we all want portraits that look like our kids are perfect little angels.  But to tell you what, capturing kids and their full personalities brings so much life to the image.  I want to always remember my boys like they are right now; funny, goofy, and full of young life.  Ah, to be young!  Meghan took over the session this year and did a great job capturing the spirit of the Hitlin Bros.!

Yes, we like our smiles to look like CHEESE SMILES!



Bros. for life!

Let’s get goofy; nothing new!

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