The Cassady-Dorion Family Session Capital District NY Family Photographers

What can we say about this family?  Well, first thing they have been with us forever now!  We consider this family one of our #HitlinVIPs (very important people).  We started photographing this family back when the oldest was just a little baby and we love coming back to this family year after year to watch them grow.  They are seriously some of the most genuine and nicest people we know and have supported our business every year with an annual photo session.  THESE KIDS; they make us laugh!  They are so funny and animated that it keeps us on our toes every session.  Erin and Zach have such great personalities and an extremely loving and supportive family (we’ve shot multiple weddings in Erin’s family too).  It is evident that they are passing on so much to their children.  We always know their family sessions will be fun.  Thank you guys for coming back to Hitlin Photography every year.  You have one gorgeous family!

We love these kids

The Cassady-Dorion Family Session

She is so pretty and growing up so fast


This kid is ALL personality and we love her vibrancy


The little guy can seriously hold his own and has such an enormous cute factor

2016-11-28_0014 2016-11-28_0015




2016-11-28_0017 2016-11-28_0018 2016-11-28_0019 2016-11-28_0020 2016-11-28_0021

Such a great shot!  This is what happens when little bro can’t sit still.  LOL

2016-11-28_0022 2016-11-28_0023

AH, Dad caught him! 


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