Skylar & Chloe’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Skylar and Chloe met through a mutual friend who showed Chloe Skylar’s Instagram thinking they were a good match.  Chloe messaged Skylar and they began an online conversation leading to their first date.  When they met up for their first date, they got talking and figured out that they basically grew up with each other and played against each other on opposing little league teams.  They even found pics of a game that they both were playing in.  They hit it off immediately and began dating.  Last fall, they planned a fall photo shoot together at the Crossings.  Secretly, Chloe decided to propose during the session, making sure the moment was captured.  These two love spending time with their four fur babies.  They also love to travel and enjoy trying new restaurants together.  Every summer they head to their favorite spot in Cape Cod.  We met Skylar and Chloe at Peebles Island State Park for their engagement session.  It started to sprinkle near the end, so it was nice to capture these two under our umbrellas as well.  We are looking forward to their Wedding Day in November 2024 at Franklin Plaza.


Skylar & Chloe's Engagement Session

I love how these two look at each other

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Tats always make for a neat detailed ring shot

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Started to sprinkle

2023-07-25_0024 2023-07-25_0025 2023-07-25_0026 2023-07-25_0027



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