Schae & Michael’s Crowne Plaza at the Desmond Hotel Wedding Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Schae & Michael, November 5, 2022, Crowne Plaza at the Desmond Hotel


We began November for Schae and Michael’s Wedding on a 70 degree day.  NO JOKE, it was THAT WARM and very unusual weather for November, but it played to our favor.  We started the day at the couple’s house where Michael and his guys got ready.  Michael wore a Cranberry tux for his big day and he looked so sharp.  After some toasts with the guys and reading a letter from the Bride, we drove over to the Crowne Plaza at the Desmond Hotel where Schae and her girls were getting ready.  Schae is a stunner and chose a dark cranberry lip for her makeup that matched the Groom’s tux perfectly.  The girls had some fun and lots of laughs and even signing entertained the Bride as she got ready.  We did the couple’s first look over at the Crossings of Colonie, and thank goodness it was a warm day.  The couple showed each other their custom sneakers and we had some fun capturing these 2 in the park.  Michael just smiles at Schae and she is spit fire with the best facial expressions.  We even got these two running for some pics.  We headed back to the venue and the couple were married in the Courtyard.  Everyone then enjoyed Cocktail Hour also in the Courtyard and then made their way to the Reception Room.  Violet lighting adorned the room and these two made quite an entrance.  We knew right away this would be a party!  So much dancing and fun and these two were on the dance floor pretty much the whole night.  We took our break and noticed some color outside the windows and grabbed the couple and literally ran outside to capture the sun setting.  It was a spectacular day.  Congrats again Schae and Michael.  We had such a blast with you both.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Brandon Reynolds (Bride’s brother)          Venue:  The Crowne Plaza at the Desmond Hotel          Venue Coordination:  Amanda Stankovich and Eva Weekes from the Crowne Plaza          Cake:  Coccadotts          Music:  DJ Vision-Nicholas Cossey          Makeup:  Adrianna Hodge          Hair:  Chrissy Gjergji          Bride’s Gown:  Essence of Australia from Lily Saratoga          Men’s Attire:  Groom:  Emporio Clothing, Others:  Tuxego          Photo Booth:  Smile Lounge          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Groom Prep. Yes, he wore a Cranberry Tux

Schae & Michael's Wedding 2022-12-29_0002 2022-12-29_0003

Letter from the Bride


Let’s Go Mets!


Bride Prep.

2022-12-29_0006 2022-12-29_0007 2022-12-29_0008 2022-12-29_0009

Lots of giggles and fun with these ladies.  And Schae has the best face expressions

2022-12-29_0010 2022-12-29_0011

Singing showtunes while she gets her hair done


Letter from Groom

2022-12-29_0013 2022-12-29_0014 2022-12-29_0015 2022-12-29_0016 2022-12-29_0017

First Reveal with Dad


Proud parents


That cranberry tux was the BOMB!


First Reveal with Mom of Groom


First Look


Small Wedding Party with BIG TIME LOVE


This tree was amazing

2022-12-29_0024 2022-12-29_0025


2022-12-29_0026 2022-12-29_0027

In love with this image

2022-12-29_0028 2022-12-29_0029 2022-12-29_0030 2022-12-29_0031 2022-12-29_0032 2022-12-29_0033 2022-12-29_0034 2022-12-29_0035 2022-12-29_0037 2022-12-29_0038

When you wear sneakers on your wedding day, we do some running photos

2022-12-29_0039 2022-12-29_0040


2022-12-29_0041 2022-12-29_0042 2022-12-29_0043 2022-12-29_0044 2022-12-29_0045 2022-12-29_0046 2022-12-29_0047

Cocktail Hour in the Courtyard




If the entrances are like this, you know it’s going to be a party

2022-12-29_0050 2022-12-29_0051 2022-12-29_0052

MOH & BM speeches, and then Father of the Bride (who had everyone in tears as he is recovering from a recent stroke).  Everyone loved it.

2022-12-29_0053 2022-12-29_0054

We literally RAN outside to catch this

2022-12-29_0055 2022-12-29_0056

Now that’s a dance floor

2022-12-29_0057 2022-12-29_0058 2022-12-29_0059

The Team:  Adrianna and Chrissy, Meg, Eva, Amanda and Nicole from the venue, DJ Nicholas and Keith hiding in the aisle.


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