Rosemary & Bradlee’s Engagement Session Saratoga Springs NY Engagement Photographer

Rosemary & Bradlee met up with us on the last day of May.  The weather was gorgeous and clear, except for one region; exactly where we planned this session.  These two committed and were ready for whatever it took to get some shots.  We headed up to the Hall of Springs and made use of the the outside porticos to shield us from the rain.  And when I say rain, IT RAINED; HARD!  We were able to sneak out for a few shots under a light drizzle here and there and it definitely made for some cool shots.  We then ventured into town and hit up Druthers for a beer and some casual shots on their patio.  We can’t wait to spend the day with these two again on their Wedding day in August of 2017 at 90 State Events in Albany, NY.

Rosemary & Bradlee's Engagement Session 2016-06-14_0002 2016-06-14_0003

That rain though!  Made for some cool shots!

2016-06-14_0004 2016-06-14_0005 2016-06-14_0006


2016-06-14_0007 2016-06-14_0008

Let’s go get a beer!

2016-06-14_0009 2016-06-14_0010 2016-06-14_0011 2016-06-14_0012

We love how these two were up for anything!


2 thoughts on “Rosemary & Bradlee’s Engagement Session Saratoga Springs NY Engagement Photographer

  1. Congratulations Risemary and Bradlee! The pictures are beautiful – where did the time go! May all your wishes and dreams come true!!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Gorgeous Bride and Groom. Congratulations Rosemary and Bradlee on your Wedding day. May this day be a blessed experience for you both and your lifetime together be filled with love, joy and prosperity. God Bless!

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