Heather & Joe’s Engagement Session Schenectady NY Engagement Photographer

Heather and Joe met when they were paired together as bridesmaid and groomsmen at Joe’s sister and Heather’s brother’s wedding.  Having only met a few times while their siblings were dating, they immediately hit it off at the wedding and have been together ever since.  Their proposal was one for the books.  Joe surprised Heather with a walk through Schenectady’s Central Park Rose Garden.  They stumbled upon a group of musicians (some of Joe’s friends) playing Heather’s favorite song, “Thinking Out Loud, ” by Ed Sheeran.  It was the perfect opportunity for Joe to ask her to dance, and seeing the band had a hat on the ground for tips, Joe bent down to put some money in it.  Instead he pulled a ring out of the hat and proposed right there.  The whole event was captured by a friend who attached a GoPro camera to the saxophone.  

We had a lot of fun hitting up a few local spots in Schenectady for their Engagement pictures.  We can’t wait to share their love by capturing their big day this August at the Glen Sanders Mansion.


Heather & Joe's Engagement Session 2016-06-17_0002 2016-06-17_0003 2016-06-17_0004 2016-06-17_0005

LOVE the way he looks at her


Such a cool shot

2016-06-17_0007 2016-06-17_0008 2016-06-17_0009

Let’s have an ice cream at Jack’s Drive-In

2016-06-17_0010 2016-06-17_0011

Here Comes the Sun

2016-06-17_0012 2016-06-17_0013 2016-06-17_0014



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