Priscilla & Christopher’s Wedding Rexford NY Wedding Photographers

Priscilla & Christopher, July 16, 2022, Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau


July was a busy month for us and we had some great couples during the month and they had some perfect weather.  We started the day for Priscilla and Chris first with the Groom over at the Courtyard Marriott at Mohawk Harbor.  Chris and his best man got dressed and then Chris opened a gift from the Bride.  Before we left, they had a beer toast to the day.  We moved over to Mohawk River Country Club and met Priscilla and her girls as they were finishing up hair and makeup.  The couple’s daughter was asleep on the sofa when we arrived; taking a good nap before the festivities.  Priscilla got into her dress and had a first reveal with her dad before heading down to meet Chris for the first time for their First Look.  We moved around Mohawk’s great landscaping for photos.  The wedding party met us out back and we did some fun shots with them and even the kids.  Their daughter joined in for photos along with family photos as well.  The couple got married under beautiful blue skies out near the gazebo.  Everyone including the couple enjoyed cocktail hour before heading to the Reception.  At the end of the couple’s first dance, they did a great dip which was a great photo op for us.  Priscilla danced with her dad and Chris danced with his daughter; which was so touching as she started the dance on daddy’s feet.  We were able to sneak out to the golf course for a few photos while guests finished dinner and then the dance floor was opened and everyone got their groove on.  It was such a fun day; thanks for the smiles all day Priscilla and Chris.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Marcus Frisbee (Bride’s brother)          Venue:  Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau          Venue Coordinator:  Debbie Scensny from Mohawk River CC          Cake:  Villa Italia          Music:  DJ King from Complete Weddings & Events          Floral Design:  Lings Moment & Lily of Angeles          Makeup:  Gianna Deyo from Rosebud Makeup Artistry          Hair:  Danielle Kusmisky from New Moon Beauty Studio         Bride’s Gown:  Maggie Sottero from DeAnna’s Bridal          Attendants’ Gowns:  David’s Bridal           Men’s Attire:  Men’s Wearhouse         Rings:  Northeastern Fine Jewelry          Invitations:  Zazzle          Transportation:  Royale Transportation          Photography:  Meghan & Keith Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #LetsGetFriski

Groom Prep.

Priscilla & Christopher's Wedding 2022-09-08_0002

Gift from the Bride, LOL

2022-09-08_0003 2022-09-08_0004 2022-09-08_0005 2022-09-08_0006

Head over to Mohawk River CC; Bride Prep.

2022-09-08_0007 2022-09-08_0008 2022-09-08_0009 2022-09-08_0010 2022-09-08_0011

Love this shot with mom

2022-09-08_0012 2022-09-08_0013 2022-09-08_0014

First Reveal with Dad

2022-09-08_0015 2022-09-08_0016

First Look

2022-09-08_0017 2022-09-08_0018 2022-09-08_0019 2022-09-08_0020 2022-09-08_0021 2022-09-08_0022 2022-09-08_0023 2022-09-08_0024 2022-09-08_0025 2022-09-08_0026

We had some fun with the veil

2022-09-08_0027 2022-09-08_0028

Flowers looked great

2022-09-08_0029 2022-09-08_0030 2022-09-08_0031 2022-09-08_0033 2022-09-08_0034 2022-09-08_0035

Sweet images of their daughter

2022-09-08_0036 2022-09-08_0037 2022-09-08_0038 2022-09-08_0039 2022-09-08_0040 2022-09-08_0041 2022-09-08_0042 2022-09-08_0043


2022-09-08_0044 2022-09-08_0045 2022-09-08_0046 2022-09-08_0047 2022-09-08_0048 2022-09-08_0049 2022-09-08_0050 2022-09-08_0052 2022-09-08_0053


2022-09-08_0054 2022-09-08_0055 2022-09-08_0056 2022-09-08_0057

Out on the Golf Course

2022-09-08_0058 2022-09-08_0059 2022-09-08_0060 2022-09-08_0061 2022-09-08_0062 2022-09-08_0063 2022-09-08_0064 2022-09-08_0065 2022-09-08_0066 2022-09-08_0067 2022-09-08_0068

The Team: Meg & Keith, Gianna & Danielle on beauty, DJ King and Debbie


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