Priscilla & Chris’ Engagement/Family Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Priscilla and Chris met when Priscilla and her friend were headed to Angry Orchard for her Birthday for the Orchard’s Rosé launch party.  The Party did not turn out as expected, so they searched on Yelp for someplace to go.  It directed them to a highly-rated eatery in the next town over.  There, Priscilla and her friend ended up sitting next to Chris and one of his friends.  They got to chatting and really hit it off.  They have been together ever since.  Chris proposed to Priscilla on another birthday before going out with friends. This couple share a love of animals and enjoy going on nature walks and food.  They have a daughter who they love dearly and spend as much time with her as possible.  We met these folks over at Peebles Island for their Engagement/Family Session.  It was a cold afternoon, but the colors were still pretty vibrant.  We can not wait to celebrate these two for their July 2022 wedding at Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau.

Priscilla & Chris' Engagement/Family Session 2021-11-22_0021 2021-11-22_0022

Such a great park for photos


She looks so cute in that tree

2021-11-22_0024 2021-11-22_0025 2021-11-22_0026

Still some fall colors

2021-11-22_0027 2021-11-22_0028 2021-11-22_0029 2021-11-22_0030


2021-11-22_0031 2021-11-22_0032

Great ring shot with a huge leaf

2021-11-22_0033 2021-11-22_0034 2021-11-22_0035 2021-11-22_0036 2021-11-22_0037 2021-11-22_0038

Special thanks to Grandma for keeping the little one entertained and warm


Love these shots

2021-11-22_0040 2021-11-22_0041 2021-11-22_0042

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