Marissa & Dison’s Engagement & Family Session Troy NY Engagement Photographers

Marissa and Dison met out at Brunch.  One of Marissa’s friends happened to be a coworker with Dison and they ran into each other.  They hit if off immediately.  This accidental meeting happened to be at the right time and place for the two and just what they needed at that time.  The couple share an adorable little boy, who they brought along for their engagement/family session.  We met at Sage College park for a few photos and then moved to the Troy Waterfront for some golden hour and a change of clothing.  We can’t wait to celebrate these two in May 2023 at Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co.

Their little guy is a cutie

Marissa & Dison's Engagement & Family Session 2022-10-05_0002 2022-10-05_0003

We love both of their laugh smiles

2022-10-05_0004 2022-10-05_0005 2022-10-05_0006 2022-10-05_0007

Troy has some great spots for photos

2022-10-05_0008 2022-10-05_0009 2022-10-05_0010

What a happy guy!

2022-10-05_0011 2022-10-05_0012 2022-10-05_0013

Their friend game to hang out with the little guy when we shot the couple. We love this outtake.  Look at them all holding hands.

2022-10-05_0014 2022-10-05_0015 2022-10-05_0016 2022-10-05_0017

A quick change of clothes and location

2022-10-05_0018 2022-10-05_0019

Some golden hour by the water

2022-10-05_0020 2022-10-05_0021 2022-10-05_0022 2022-10-05_0023 2022-10-05_0024

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