Leanna & Greg’s Franklin Plaza Wedding Troy NY Wedding Photographers

Leanna & Greg, December 17, 2022, Franklin Plaza


Our 2022 Wedding year wrapped up with this gorgeous wedding at Franklin Plaza.  Leanna and Greg are old souls and incorporated many of their family into their details; especially those who passed.  Leanna chose to wear her Grandmother’s 1961 Wedding Gown.  This gown was in spectacular condition and Leanna really looked princess-like in it.  Greg wore a white jacket tux which really is a classic style and suited him well.  We started the day at Greg’s parent’s home.  His dad and brother were on hand to help him get dressed and his guys arrived for a quick toast to the Groom.  We traveled to the Best Western Franklin Inn and met up with Leanna as she was finishing hair and makeup.  Her details were laid out nicely for us and we got the first glimpse of this amazing gown.  Leanna also mentioned that her Wedding Band was made of both her grandparent’s wedding bands melted together and she had a locket on her flowers with her grandparent’s pictures on it.  It was very evident how much they meant to her.  The couple had their First Look on the third floor and we made good use of all the floors taking pictures of the couple as it was a pretty cold December day.  Franklin is always gorgeous with their holiday decorations and it really helped with the style of the wedding.  The couple were married in the ballroom and enjoyed their cocktail hour before the Reception was revealed privately to them and we captured some pictures of them dancing.  After dinner and formalities, Leanna changed into another gown so her and Greg could get down on the dance floor.  Congratulations to Leanna and Greg and thank you to you both for choosing Hitlin Photography.  We know your love is made for the ages!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Father Jonathan Gray          Venue:  Franklin Plaza          Venue Coordinators:  Joe Galuski & Greg Cushman of Franklin Plaza          Cake:  Bella Napoli          Music:  Fernando Bustamante from Conway Entertainment          Hair & MU:  Jessica Lynne Hair and Makeup          Bride’s Gown:  Grandmother’s 1961 Vintage Gown          Attendants’ Gowns:  Baltic Born          Men’s Attire:  Tuxego          Rings:  Glennpeter’s and Grandparents rings melted down to make new ring through Heirloom Revival          Invitations:  Zazzle         Metal Tennis Sign:  Etsy          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #HerNameisREO

Groom Prep.

Leanna & Greg's Wedding 2023-01-30_0002 2023-01-30_0003 2023-01-30_0004 2023-01-30_0005 2023-01-30_0006

Bride Prep.  Leanna wore her Grandmother’s 1961 Wedding Gown

2023-01-30_0007 2023-01-30_0008 2023-01-30_0009 2023-01-30_0010 2023-01-30_0011 2023-01-30_0012 2023-01-30_0013

First Look

2023-01-30_0014 2023-01-30_0015 2023-01-30_0016

Some fun with the Santa chair, LOL

2023-01-30_0017 2023-01-30_0018



That gown was perfect.  I’m sure Leanna’s grandmother was smiling down on her.

2023-01-30_0020 2023-01-30_0021 2023-01-30_0022

Recreated photo of Leanna’s grandparents

2023-01-30_0023 2023-01-30_0024 2023-01-30_0025 2023-01-30_0026 2023-01-30_0027 2023-01-30_0028 2023-01-30_0029




2023-01-30_0031 2023-01-30_0032 2023-01-30_0033


2023-01-30_0034 2023-01-30_0035 2023-01-30_0036 2023-01-30_0038 2023-01-30_0039 2023-01-30_0040 2023-01-30_0041 2023-01-30_0042 2023-01-30_0043 2023-01-30_0044 2023-01-30_0045 2023-01-30_0046

Some of the team: Meg & Keith, Jessica on hair & MU, Kane from Franklin and DJ Fernando


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