Kassandra & Coleman’s Engagement Session Western MA Engagement Photographer

Kassandra and Coleman met working together.  They were “cube mates,” where they sat next to each other.  During the time, Kassandra’s stapler was always broken and she kept asking Coleman to fix it.  They quickly become friends and then that friendship blossomed into the relationship they have today.  The couple went apple picking with their dogs and Kassandra’s sister, her husband and their dog.  They thought it would be a neat idea to take fall photos of each couple with the dogs.  As each couple was taking the other couple’s picture, Kassandra and Coleman kneeled down with the dogs smiling.  When Kassandra got up, Coleman remained on his knee with a ring.  These two love to travel and try new foods.  We met them over at The Mount in Lenox, MA for their engagement pics.  It’s hard to tell from these photos but it was a pretty brisk winter day.  We can’t wait to capture their Wedding at Windham Mountain Resort in September.

Kassandra & Coleman's Engagement Session

Some nice warm sun flare on a Winter’s Day

2023-01-25_0002 2023-01-25_0003 2023-01-25_0004 2023-01-25_0005


2023-01-25_0006 2023-01-25_0007 2023-01-25_0008 2023-01-25_0009

This Rock wall with window looks amazing any time of the year

2023-01-25_0010 2023-01-25_0011 2023-01-25_0012


2023-01-25_0013 2023-01-25_0014 2023-01-25_0015

Quick change of clothes

2023-01-25_0016 2023-01-25_0017 2023-01-25_0018 2023-01-25_0019 2023-01-25_0020 2023-01-25_0021

His nose was cold

2023-01-25_0022 2023-01-25_0023

Perfect nail color

2023-01-25_0024 2023-01-25_0025 2023-01-25_0026

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