Kim & Ben’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Kim and Ben met in 2013 when a mutual friend invited them both to go skiing.  They hit it off immediately and have been together ever since.  Ben proposed to Kim in their new home surrounded by their close family and friends.  This couple enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing and cooking together.  We met them up at Thacher Park on a beautiful evening.  They brought their dog with them and we even captured some beautiful golden hour shots with them.  We can’t wait to hang out again for their wedding day in July 2022 at the Century House.

Kim & Ben's Engagement Session 2021-07-01_0002 2021-07-01_0003

I’ll follow you anywhere

2021-07-01_0004 2021-07-01_0005

Ben had this cool tattoo sleeve just begging to have the ring shot with it


They love their doggo

2021-07-01_0007 2021-07-01_0008 2021-07-01_0009 2021-07-01_0010

I love how the sun comes streaming in though the trees

2021-07-01_0011 2021-07-01_0012 2021-07-01_0013

We love when couples try to have a little fun




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