Katie & James’ Century House Wedding Latham NY Wedding Photographers

Katie & James’ Wedding, August 14, 2021, The Century House, Latham, NY


Katie and Jimmy currently live in the Boston area and have planned their entire wedding from out of town.  Also, Katie just finished law school at Harvard, so these guys definitely had a lot to do in the months leading up to their big day.  We started the day at the Century House hotel where Katie got ready with her girls in the Mohawk Room and James (aka Jimmy) got ready in their hotel suite.  Their dog even showed up during prep and we took some quick pics with each of them.  Since the couple did not do a First Look, we started with the Bride’s side.  Katie first had a reveal with her father and then shot some pictures.  We then switched it up and took photos of the Groom and his attendants.  The couple were married under the large tent outside, behind the hotel.  Some funny moments and things were said during the Ceremony, which made for some great facial expressions.  After they were wed, we did some family photos and then moved around the property for the Bride & Groom portraits.  The Reception kicked off up in the main ballroom and it started with some amazing party dances where EVERYONE was on the dance floor.  During formal dances, the couple had a slideshow of pictures playing on the DJ’s display.  The dancing was non-stop at this party, but we did sneak away for some quick sunset pics outside before saying our good-byes for the evening.  Congratulations to Katie and James.  We wish you both all the love in the world for a happy, long marriage.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Aunt Lori Wies          Venue:  The Century House          Venue Coordinator:  Phil Brown from the Century House          Desserts:  Tash Bakes-Natasha Rodriguez          Music:  DJ Vince Oliver from Experience Events          Floral Design:  Balet Flowers          Makeup & Hair:  J&C Beauty Bar          Bride’s Gown:  Angela’s Bridal          Men’s Attire:  Men’s Wearhouse          Rings:  Hannoush Jewelers          Photography:  Meghan & Keith Hitlin from Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bride Prep.

Katie & James' Wedding 2021-10-01_0002

The couple’s Dog stopped by

2021-10-01_0003 2021-10-01_0004

Groom Prep.


Love this look on Jimmy

2021-10-01_0006 2021-10-01_0007 2021-10-01_0008 2021-10-01_0009 2021-10-01_0010

First Reveal with Father of the Bride


Katie is beautiful and has a gorgeous smile

2021-10-01_0012 2021-10-01_0013 2021-10-01_0014

These 2 guys light up their Aunt’s life

2021-10-01_0015 2021-10-01_0016 2021-10-01_0017 2021-10-01_0018

Jimmy looked so good

2021-10-01_0019 2021-10-01_0020 2021-10-01_0021


2021-10-01_0022 2021-10-01_0023 2021-10-01_0024 2021-10-01_0025 2021-10-01_0026 2021-10-01_0027 2021-10-01_0028 2021-10-01_0029

We love the nature trails

2021-10-01_0030 2021-10-01_0031 2021-10-01_0032

And Ivy Wall

2021-10-01_0034 2021-10-01_0035 2021-10-01_0036 2021-10-01_0037 2021-10-01_0038

The are made for each other

2021-10-01_0039 2021-10-01_0040 2021-10-01_0041 2021-10-01_0042 2021-10-01_0043 2021-10-01_0044

The Bride and some friends just finished Law School




Local baker, and Bride’s Brother’s Girlfriend Tash made All the desserts.  Check out Tash Bakes


Funniest entrance we’ve seen. The Bridesmaid is a doctor.

2021-10-01_0048 2021-10-01_0049

All the formal dances had a slideshow. It was so sentimental.

2021-10-01_0050 2021-10-01_0051 2021-10-01_0052 2021-10-01_0053

There was even a kids’ table

2021-10-01_0054 2021-10-01_0055


2021-10-01_0056 2021-10-01_0057 2021-10-01_0058 2021-10-01_0059

Great Team:  J&C Beauty, Keith, Tash Bakes, the amazing Phil Brown from Century House, Meg making sure sister doesn’t go into labor and DJ Vince and assistant


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