Kasey & Justin’s Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co. Wedding Troy NY Wedding Photographers

Kasey & Justin, November 14, 2020, Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co.


We were pretty busy in November and excited that the mild temperatures and fall foliage held on for a bit.  The day we shot this wedding, the temperature started to turn cooler.  Kasey and Justin both got ready at the Courtyard Albany Troy/Waterfront in separate rooms.  Kasey was finishing getting her hair done when we entered.  The vibe in the room was super chill and the Bridesmaids kept good conversation with us as we shot details.  Keith headed down to Justin as his guys were were finishing getting dressed.  They had a celebratory toast and then Keith returned to Kasey’s room where we both photographed her getting dressed with the help of her mom.  The couple decided on a First Look over at Revolution Hall, which is about a 5 min. walk from the hotel.  Recent waterfront renovations included a nice walkway along the river that we used.  Kasey and Justin had their First Look right behind the venue in front of some last remnants of fall leaves.  The red leaves popped and looked so lovely with Kasey’s dark green shawl.  They had custom facemasks made that they wore here and there and we were sure to get some pictures of them as well.  We moved indoors and used the upper floors for some really dramatic shots that we are still swooning over.  The wedding party walked over and we did their photos both outside and inside.  Family then arrived for photos and then everyone got ready for the Ceremony. The couple were married indoors by one of  their friends.  Right after the ceremony, we got outside for some quick dramatic sky pics and then the couple attended most of their cocktail hour upstairs.  The Reception was held in the ballroom with an intimate guest list that sat at well spaced tables.  They had their first dance and Kasey also danced with her dad.  Since other dancing is restricted right now, the Matron of Honor came up with a great Trivia game that guests could play at their tables along with writing some advice and date suggestions for the couple.  Our friend, DJ Jeff Richards was there to play some wonderful background music to accompany the evening.  We ended the night with the couple cutting a Bride and Groom donut from Cider Belly.  Congrats again, Kasey and Justin.  You really had a beautiful day and we love how your images came out.  It was so fun being creative with you two. Wishing you many years of marital bliss. 

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  William Lauffer (friend of couple)          Venue:  Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co.          Catering:  Brown’s Brewing Co.          Venue Coordinator:  Carrie Harkin of Brown’s          Dessert:  Cider Belly Doughnuts          Music:  DJ Jeff Richards of Conway Entertainment          Floral Design:  Flowers by Pesha          Makeup & Hair:  Heather & Chelsey from The Lounge_Creative Space          Bride’s Gown:  Lis Simon from Angela’s Bridal         Attendants’ Gowns:  David’s Bridal          Men’s Attire:  Men’s Wearhouse          Rings:  The Goldsmith          Invitations:  Zola          Guest Book:  Havoly          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.       Hashtag:  #JKMarried

Bride Prep.

Kasey & Justin's Wedding 2020-12-28_0002 2020-12-28_0003

Groom Prep.

2020-12-28_0005 2020-12-28_0006 2020-12-28_0007



Custom Facemasks

2020-12-28_0009 2020-12-28_0010

First Look

2020-12-28_0011 2020-12-28_0012

These red leaves with her green shawl are so pretty

2020-12-28_0013 2020-12-28_0014 2020-12-29_0001

Such a gorgeous gown

2020-12-28_0016 2020-12-28_0019

LOL, Justin

2020-12-28_0020 2020-12-28_0021 2020-12-28_0022

Some stuff upstairs

2020-12-28_0023 2020-12-28_0024

Swooning over these images.  They look like they belong on the Silver Screen.



2020-12-28_0026 2020-12-28_0027 2020-12-28_0028

The “flower men” kept things lively, LOL

2020-12-28_0029 2020-12-28_0030


2020-12-28_0031 2020-12-28_0032 2020-12-28_0033 2020-12-28_0034 2020-12-28_0035 2020-12-28_0036

That sky though!



2020-12-28_0039 2020-12-28_0040 2020-12-28_0041 2020-12-28_0042 2020-12-28_0043 2020-12-28_0044 2020-12-28_00452020-12-28_0046

Sharing a toast with family out of their grandparent’s glasses

2020-12-28_0047 2020-12-28_0048 2020-12-28_0049 2020-12-28_0050

Working Weddings this year have looked a little different with our masks and social distancing, but we’re still having fun doing what we love.


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