Kaitlyn & Drew’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Kaitlyn and Drew met online and scheduled a first date at a local restaurant and to see a movie.  They hit it off from the start and began dating.  They also continue to love going out to eat and seeing a good movie together. Drew planned a trip for the two of them but was called into work last minute.  It was also Easter, Sunday.  Since Drew had to work, Kaitlyn went to her parent’s house.  Drew surprisingly showed up at the door in his work uniform holding an Easter basket. Inside was a ring, and he proposed.  W

We shot their engagement session in downtown Albany and included their dog, Hank.  Hank is such a lovable giant, and I think you’ll understand just how big he is by looking through the images.  We also headed over to the Empire Plaza for some more formal shots.  We can’t wait to capture their wedding day in August 2018 at 90 State Events.

Kaitlyn & Drew's Engagement Session

Awe, Hank!

2017-10-19_0002 2017-10-19_0003 2017-10-19_0004 2017-10-19_0005 2017-10-19_0006 2017-10-19_0007

Um, where did Kaitlyn go?  LOL.

2017-10-19_0008 2017-10-19_0009

He’s too much!

2017-10-19_0010 2017-10-19_0011 2017-10-19_0012 2017-10-19_0013

Now for a change of clothing

2017-10-19_0014 2017-10-19_0015 2017-10-19_0016 2017-10-19_0017 2017-10-19_0018

Really loved her heels

2017-10-19_0019 2017-10-19_0020 2017-10-19_0021 2017-10-19_0022

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