Jessica & Josh’s Engagement Session Columbia County NY Engagement Photographer

Jessica and Josh met because Josh lived across the street from Jessica’s Godmother.  They dated while Jessica went to college, but broke up for a bit and then found themselves back together again.  Both Jessica’s parents and Josh’s daughter were in on the secret proposal.  Jessica’s parents wanted to do a family photoshoot and asked Jessica to find a good location.  Jessica suggested a park and the couple headed there to meet her parents.  While walking around, Jessica’s mom distracted her, giving Josh enough time to quickly get on one knee.  Then Jessica (not knowing he was on bended knee), walked away; not once, not twice, but three times.  Finally Josh told her to stand still, and got on his knee a fourth time to ask her the big question.  This couple enjoys camping, kayaking and just being outdoors.  They don’t have a wedding date planned just yet, but know they will be eloping soon.  They brought Josh’s daughter along for some beautiful county engagement pics.  Wishing you guys all the best on a beautiful future together!

Jessica & Josh's Engagement Session 2021-06-08_0002 2021-06-08_0003

Dad’s favorite girl was there for some pictures too

2021-06-08_0004 2021-06-08_0005



Oh, Dad!

2021-06-08_0007 2021-06-08_0008 2021-06-08_0009

Love this shot and those boots!

2021-06-08_0010 2021-06-08_0011 2021-06-08_0012

Live wild and free!

2021-06-08_0013 2021-06-08_0014 2021-06-08_0015 2021-06-08_0016


2021-06-08_0017 2021-06-08_0018


2021-06-08_0019 2021-06-08_0020 2021-06-08_0021

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