Jackie & Jason’s Engagement Session Columbia County NY Engagement Photographers

Keith met Jackie and Jason a few weeks back down in our old stomping grounds of Hudson, NY at Olana.  It is such a beautiful place and continues to be a gem in Columbia County.  Fun fact, Keith and I used to eat our lunch together there when we were dating after meeting each other just down the road at C-GCC.  Love is always in the air at Olana and the original owner had a heart shaped pond made for his wife on the property.  Love is truly evident in this couple and Jackie and Jason were all smiles for their engagement session.  The two love outdoor spaces and exploring.  We can’t wait to celebrate these two by capturing their Feb. 2018 at the Otesaga Resort in Cooperstown.

2017-07-05_0002 2017-07-05_0003 2017-07-05_0004

Just love this barn

2017-07-05_0005 2017-07-05_0006

Why not have some fun in the flowers


Amazing views

2017-07-05_0008 2017-07-05_0009 2017-07-05_0010 2017-07-05_0011 2017-07-05_0012

Interesting new art piece on the property

2017-07-05_0013 2017-07-05_0014 2017-07-05_0015 2017-07-05_0016 2017-07-05_0017

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