Helen & Eric’s Elopement Rensselaer County NY Wedding Photographers

Helen & Eric, May 29, 2020, Private Residence


Interesting story; Keith was outside our home a few weeks back and saw a young couple who we noticed just moved in behind us, walking.  Keith introduced himself and got talking to the couple.  They mentioned being engaged and were planning on getting married, but the Covid 19 Pandemic put a wrench in their original plans and they were thinking of doing something very informal in their back yard.  Keith mentioned he was a wedding photographer and before we knew it, we were walking through our yard to shoot Helen and Eric’s wedding.  Our good friend, East Greenbush Town Justice; Jessica Mocerine was on hand to marry the couple and it was a very intimate ceremony.  Helen looked so pretty in her white summer dress and floral crown.  Since it was just the couple, Judge Mocerine and ourselves, Meg offered to sign the wedding certificate as a witness to the marriage.  After the ceremony, we took a few pics in the yard with their adorable dog; Flaffs.  We then headed over to a local park to shoot portraits of the couple.  It was a hot day, so we made use of the park stream for some neat pics.  At the end of the session we put up our drone and captured a beautiful portrait of the couple on the pedestrian bridge.  It was a perfect day for these two and we are so glad we met them and had the chance to capture it for them.  Congrats again Helen and Eric. 

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  East Greenbush Town Justice Jessica Mocerine          Flowers:  Market 32          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc. 


Helen & Eric's Elopement 2020-06-10_0002 2020-06-10_0003 2020-06-10_0004 2020-06-10_0005

Flaffs the dog smiled for some pics too

2020-06-10_0006 2020-06-10_0007 2020-06-10_0008 2020-06-10_0009

We headed over to the local park

2020-06-10_0010 2020-06-10_0011 2020-06-10_0012 2020-06-10_0013 2020-06-10_0014 2020-06-10_0015

Such a beautiful spirit


Of course we had to get some shots with the face masks

2020-06-10_0017 2020-06-10_0018 2020-06-10_0019 2020-06-10_0020 2020-06-10_0021 2020-06-10_0022

Cooling off!  Love these!

2020-06-10_0024 2020-06-10_0025 2020-06-10_0026

Celebrating with a Rolling Rock Beer Shot Gun



2020-06-10_0028 2020-06-10_0029

Thank you, Judge Mocerine for working with us!


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