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Heather & Vic, November 3, 2018, Hall of Springs


Heather and Vic’s Wedding day was full of colors and weather.  I think we experienced every kind of weather on this day. From warm sun, to wind that sent the veil flying, to rain that brought a rainbow; it was truly amazing.  We met up with Heather and her girls at the Pavilion Grand Hotel in Saratoga. They were in the Make Me Fabulous salon getting hair and makeup done when we arrived.  They then headed upstairs to a beautiful suite where Heather got into her amazing bridal gown.  We took some pictures in the room and attempted some shots on the balcony but the wind was pushing us indoors and it started to sprinkle as well. But those rooms are GORGEOUS, so we finished inside.  We headed over to Bethesda Episcopal Church were we met up with Vic and his boys.  After a few shots of them, we set up inside and discussed game plan with officiant and our friend, Bishop Chris.  The couple were married in a beautiful church ceremony in front of about 170 guests.  We just loved the large wooden doors of the church and we had to take some pics of them after they were married  before heading over to the Hall of Springs.  The wind died down when we arrived and we came across this one tree that had the most vibrant golden colored leaves.  The sun was coming in through the leaves and caused a beautiful light.  We started to walk around and low and behold a colorful rainbow formed directly above the venue. We love when we’re able to capture rainbows; especially on a wedding day.  I always tell them it’s a blessing from the sky.  The couple enjoyed their reception with lots of good food and dancing.  These two have some really fun friends that entered the dance floor with blow up sharks to attack the Groom and then later on with white roses to help the Groom serenade his Bride.  The night ended on a high note and everyone was having a blast.  Thanks so much Heather and Vic for an amazing day.  We wish you a beautiful life together.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Bishop Christopher Richard          Ceremony Location:  Bethesda Episcopal Church          Reception Location:  Hall of Springs          Catering:  Mazzone Hospitality          Venue Coordination:  Meg Bell (booking) and Lindsay (day of) from Mazzone Hospitality          Music:  DJ Fernando Bustamante and Conway Entertainment          Floral Design:  Samantha Nass Floral Design          Makeup & Hair:  Make Me Fabulous          Bride’s Gown:  The Town Shop, Poughkeepsie, NY          Attendants’ Gowns:  Hailey Paige          Men’s Attire:  Mr. Formal Wear          Rings:  Barmakian Jewelers, Nashua, NH          Invitations:  Invitations by Dawn          Transportation:  Royale Limousine          Reception Decor & Furniture:  Total Events LLC          Photo Booth:  Conway Entertainment          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bride Prep.

Heather & Vic's Wedding 2018-12-18_0007 2018-12-18_0008 2018-12-18_0009 2018-12-18_0010

A piece of her mother’s gown

2018-12-18_0011 2018-12-18_0012 2018-12-18_0013

I LOVE this shot!  But it was windy!

2018-12-18_0014 2018-12-18_0015 2018-12-18_0016

Over to the church to meet the guys

2018-12-18_0017 2018-12-18_0018

Looking sharp; Vic!



2018-12-18_0020 2018-12-18_0021 2018-12-18_0022 2018-12-18_0023 2018-12-18_0024 2018-12-18_0025 2018-12-18_0026 2018-12-18_0027

Next stop; Hall of Springs

2018-12-18_0028 2018-12-18_0029



WE love pockets!

2018-12-18_0032 2018-12-18_0033 2018-12-18_0034


2018-12-18_0035 2018-12-18_0036 2018-12-18_0037 2018-12-18_0038 2018-12-18_0039 2018-12-18_0040

LOL, I don’t think she’s impressed.



2018-12-18_0042 2018-12-18_0043 2018-12-18_0044 2018-12-18_0045 2018-12-18_0046 2018-12-18_0047 2018-12-18_0048 2018-12-18_0049

Such a fun team:  Kendra and her girls with Make Me Fab, Meg and Keith and the guys from Conway Ent.


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