Erin & Tanner’s Engagement Session Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Erin and Tanner rode the same middle school bus.  They never spoke, but knew of each other.  In 2019, they reconnected when Erin posted a photo of a concert wearing a “fanny pack,” and Tanner commented on the photo.  They began to talk and then went on their first date in Nov. of that year.  Next thing they knew, Tanner joined in at Thanksgiving at Erin’s family’s house because his family was out of town.  No one believed they were only dating for a short time as the chemistry between the two was obvious.  For a few years, they dated and then in 2021 they looked at rings.  In Feb. 2022, the couple traveled to Long Beach, CA to the Cali Vibes Music Festival.  On the first day of the festival, they walked on the beach before meeting up with friends.  Since the beach was close to the concert venue, they could hear their favorite band; Rebelution doing their soundcheck.  As they listened, they both put their feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time and then Tanner got on one knee and popped the question.  The two love sports; especially football.  They love attending music concerts as well.  They both share an appreciation for all kinds of music.  They have a cat (Nugget) and mini Australian Shepard (Pepperoni).  We met these two at the Empire Plaza on a fall evening to capture their Engagement Session.  We’re looking forward to spending more time with them capturing their Wedding in June 2024 at Greywacke Meadows.

They brought along Pepperoni

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Keeping warm

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Sunset Silhouette on the Egg


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