Erica & Dennis’ Old Daley on Crooked Lake Wedding Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Erica & Dennis, October 29, 2022, Old Daley on Crooked Lake


Ended a beautiful October full of spectacular foliage with Erica and Dennis over at Old Daley on Crooked Lake.  The couple wanted to see each other at their Ceremony, so we started the day with the girls as they arrived after getting hair and makeup done and hung out shooting details and candids before Erica stepped into her gown.  Erica chose a long sleeve gown which was gorgeous.  We shot the Bridesmaid photos and some solos of Erica before making sure she was in hiding before heading to the guys.  Dennis finished getting dressed with help from his parents.  We then went outside for Groomsmen pics and some shots of Dennis.  The couple were lucky to have a mild weather day, so ceremony was still outside and it was beautiful with all the fall colors on the lake.  After they were wed, we took the majority of their photos and Old Daley’s property had a beautiful golden glow.  The couple were able to join the remainder of their Cocktail Hour and then everyone moved to the green lit ballroom for the Reception.  We were able to sneak outside one more time for a spectacular sunset over the lake.  Congrats again, Erica and Dennis and many blessing wished to you both.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Judge Paul Toomey          Venue:  Old Daley on Crooked Lake          Venue Coordination:  Molly Reigert from Old Daley           Cake:  Perfect Blend Cafe & Bakery         Music:  DJ Adin Kovacik from Conway Entertainment          Floral Design:  Chatham Flowers             Makeup:  Beauty by Jhori-Jhori Jurgenson           Hair:  KT Hair Studio           Bride’s Gown:  Bridal Gallery by Yvonne           Attendants’ Gowns:  Kennedy Blue            Men’s Attire:  Mens’ Wearhouse           Rings:  14K Jewelry Store          Invitations:  Zazzle         Transportation:  Premiere Transportation           Photography:  Meghan & Keith Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.           Hashtag:  #HeadingToHeeder

Bride Prep.

Erica & Dennis' Wedding 2022-12-23_0002 2022-12-23_0003 2022-12-23_0004

Love this shot

2022-12-23_0005 2022-12-23_0006 2022-12-23_0007

First Reveal with Dad

2022-12-23_0008 2022-12-23_0009

The Ladies

2022-12-23_0010 2022-12-23_0011

Loved Erica’s long sleeve gown

2022-12-23_0012 2022-12-23_0013 2022-12-23_0014

Erica was stunning and check out the adorable Flower Girl.  She is too cute.


Groom Prep.


The Gents

2022-12-23_0017 2022-12-23_0018 2022-12-23_0019 2022-12-23_0020


2022-12-23_0021 2022-12-23_0022 2022-12-23_0023 2022-12-23_0024 2022-12-23_0025 2022-12-23_0026 2022-12-23_0027 2022-12-23_0028 2022-12-23_0029 2022-12-23_0030

Great shot

2022-12-23_0031 2022-12-23_0032

The Old Daley Willow was GOLDEN

2022-12-23_0033 2022-12-23_0034 2022-12-23_0035 2022-12-23_0037 2022-12-23_0038 2022-12-23_0039 2022-12-23_0040

They looked great

2022-12-23_0041 2022-12-23_0042


2022-12-23_0043 2022-12-23_0044 2022-12-23_0045 2022-12-23_0046

Old Daley Sunsets are remarkable

2022-12-23_0047 2022-12-23_0048 2022-12-23_0049 2022-12-23_0050

Fabulous team:  Chatham Flowers, Molly from Old Daley, DJ Adin and Keith and Meg


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