Alayna & Chris’ Old Daley on Crooked Lake Wedding Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Alayna & Chris, August 20, 2022, Old Daley on Crooked Lake


We ended August with a beautiful wedding at Old Daley with Alayna and Chris.  The couple got married on site and when we went to the Groom’s suite, their dog Chance was there and played a strong presence through the entire day.  He even had special wedding attire.  The couple had a first look inside and then we made our way outside, where Alayna’s father parked his vintage Green Chevrolet truck in front of the venue.  We loved taking shots with it, but had to be very careful of the traffic on the road.  After photos while everyone went into hiding, the guests began to arrive.  Right before the ceremony a bald eagle flew back and forth over the ceremony.  This was pretty symbolic being that Alayna’s mom had passed and they were remembering her by lighting a candle in the ceremony.  It was really neat.  Everyone made their way inside after the ceremony and enjoyed cocktail hour.  When the couple were announced for their Reception, their dog Chance came in with them and then circled around them for their First Dance.  Guests had a great time dancing and even enjoyed a donut station and candy/smores station for dessert.  Congrats again to Alayna and Chris on a gorgeous day.  We wish you both all the best.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Matt Zucchelli (friend)          Venue:  Old Daley on Crooked Lake          Venue Coordinator:  Molly Reigert from Old Daley          Cake:  Oh Sugar          Music:  DJ Claude Sawyer from LaBoom Entertainment          Floral Design:  White Lotus Floral Design          Hair & Makeup:  Alexandria’s Beauty Salon          Bride’s Gown:  Lily Saratoga          Men’s Attire:  Futia’s Formal Wear          Rings:  Glennpeter Jewelers          Invitations:  Zola          Photo Booth:  Smile Lounge          Transportation:  Tech Valley Transportation          Donuts:  Cider Belly Doughnuts          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bride Prep.

Alayna & Chris' Wedding 2022-10-12_0002 2022-10-12_0003 2022-10-12_0004 2022-10-12_0005 2022-10-12_0006 2022-10-12_0007 2022-10-12_0008

First Reveal with Dad

2022-10-12_0009 2022-10-12_0010

Groom Prep. Their dog Chance was present all day and was such a good boy.

2022-10-12_0011 2022-10-12_0012 2022-10-12_0013

First Look

2022-10-12_0014 2022-10-12_0015 2022-10-12_0016 2022-10-12_0017


2022-10-12_0019 2022-10-12_0020

Love this shot!


Alayna’s Dad brought his vintage truck

2022-10-12_0022 2022-10-12_0023 2022-10-12_0024 2022-10-12_0025


2022-10-12_0026 2022-10-12_0027 2022-10-12_0028 2022-10-12_0029 2022-10-12_0030 2022-10-12_0031 2022-10-12_0032 2022-10-12_0033 2022-10-12_0034

Ceremony.  Alayna’s mom has passed and right before the ceremony an eagle flew over.

2022-10-12_0035 2022-10-12_0036 2022-10-12_0037 2022-10-12_0038 2022-10-12_0039 2022-10-12_0040 2022-10-12_0041 2022-10-12_0042


2022-10-12_0043 2022-10-12_0044 2022-10-12_0045 2022-10-12_0046 2022-10-12_0047

The last bit of sunset

2022-10-12_0048 2022-10-12_0049 2022-10-12_0050

The Team:  Keith in the road scaring everyone, Meg, the ladies from Alexandria’s, Greg with Smile Lounge, Molly from Old Daley and DJ Claude.


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