Tribute to Wedding Professionals 2020 Capital Region NY Wedding Photographers

Let’s face it, we all agree, 2020 was HARD on the Wedding Industry!  Not just for our couples who wanted to get married in 2020 or who actually did tie the knot, but ALL those Wedding Professionals out there who have had to change up the way they typically work, we all felt it too.  Each year we recap and do a SHOUT OUT to all the Wedding Professionals we had the pleasure of working as a TEAM with this past year.   A LOT of people go into making a Wedding Day spectacular and when you have hard working people on your team, you know your day will go off amazingly.  THANK YOU to all of our Wedding Professional FRIENDS out there for all that you have done this past year and what you still plan to do to make our couples have the BEST DAY EVER.  We applaud you all and it was a pleasure working this very “different” past year with you all and still getting though.  We always say a GREAT TEAM is what makes your Wedding Day to our couples.  Thanks for being part of the TEAM!!!  Enjoy this Tribute to Wedding Professionals.

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