The Woodard Large/Multi Family Session Rensselaer County NY Family Photographer

The Woodard family got together and gifted the matriarch Irma a gift certificate for a family session.  We met up with this family around Thanksgiving over at June Farms.  There were a few members of the family from out of town, so this was the ideal time as everyone was in the area for the holiday.  Daughter, Victoria (who we’ve known from the Wedding Industry) works at June Farms, so she hooked us up with a beautiful location for the photos as well.  It was great seeing everyone and capturing this beautiful family.  Just a few days before Victoria and boyfriend, Myles just became engaged, so we took a few more photos of just them.  Congrats Victoria and Myles and Happy Holidays to the Woodards!

Some inside photos

2022-12-19_0001 2022-12-19_0002 2022-12-19_0003

Outside on the beautiful property

2022-12-19_0004 2022-12-19_0005 2022-12-19_0006 2022-12-19_0007 2022-12-19_0008

Just engaged

2022-12-19_0009 2022-12-19_0010

Love the expressions here

2022-12-19_0011 2022-12-19_0012

Great shot

2022-12-19_0013 2022-12-19_0014

THOSE chickens, LOL

2022-12-19_0015 2022-12-19_0016 2022-12-19_0017 2022-12-19_0018

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