The VanAlstyne Family, Ghent, NY

Posting another great family shoot to our blog. The VanAlstyne family were so fun to work with. We shot on their relative’s land in Ghent, NY which was absolutely perfect for their shoot. The landscape captures the feel of autumn. The boys were so well behaved and even got the chance to have some seasonal fun in the leaves.

034_0525-8 034_0525-12

What a cutie!034_0525-15 034_0525-21

Chicken anyone? 034_0525-22 034_0525-24 034_0525-25 034_0525-32

Handsome guy 034_0525-33 034_0525-36 034_0525-40 034_0525-41 034_0525-50 034_0525-54

Awe Dad! 034_0525-59 034_0525-65 034_0525-74

LEAVES! 034_0525-77 034_0525-84 034_0525-89

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