Arena Family Shoot, Delmar, NY

It was such a blast photographing one of our favorite families again; the Arena’s. Their little one is getting big fast and we love capturing little ones at this age. They are just too darn cute. They were gearing up for Halloween and even invited a cousin to come over to join in the pics. We are already looking forward to their next shoot!


It looks like everyone in the house is a Jet’s’ fan!

 006_0387 007_0395 009_0425

Future football star!

 012_0451 016_0476 019_0483 029_0540 031_0560 032_0580

Mom and Me

 038_0625 042_0651

The family’s best friend!

 044_0658 051_0695

Frank Sinatra, anyone?

 057_0748 060_0785 061_0786 066_0818

In the bowl; why not? 069_0844 071_0858 074_0885 076_0902 081_0945 084_0964 087_0973

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