The Mancuso Family Troy NY Family Photographers

Renee, who is a friend of ours through the Wedding Industry reached out to us to purchase a gift certificate for a family session as a gift for her mom.  Her mom, Dawn was so happy to reach out to us to schedule the family session.  We met this adult family over at Frear Park for some quick family photos.  It was nice seeing everyone smile and joke around with each other.  It was a great time!

The Mancuso Family 2022-12-06_0002

Family Hug Time


Mom and Dad

2022-12-06_0004 2022-12-06_0005 2022-12-06_0006

Great Shot

2022-12-06_0007 2022-12-06_0008 2022-12-06_0009

Original 4

2022-12-06_0010 2022-12-06_0011 2022-12-06_0012 2022-12-06_0013

Soon to be Grandchild coming soon!

2022-12-06_0014 2022-12-06_0015

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