Schae & Michael’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Schae and Michael met working out at a local Crossfit gym.  They flirted off and on (originally not going too well), but over time they started to date.  Their mutual friends encouraged Schae to get to know Michael a little bit better.  They date for a while.  Michael proposed last Christmas Eve at Schae’s parent’s home.  He wanted her parents to be part of the special moment.  Schae’s mom got her out of the house to go pick up dinner.  While they were away, Michael an Schae’s dad hid the ring in a box in the Christmas tree.  When Schae and her mom returned with the food, her parents convinced her to take a picture of them in front of the tree.  After the pic was taken, Michael said they had to do the same.  As they stood waiting for Schae’s mom to take the pic, Michael grabbed Schae’s hand.  Schae was stunned and didn’t know what was going on.  Michael then grabbed both of her hands and told Schae he didn’t want to spend the holidays being “just her boyfriend.”  He then proposed.  This couple enjoy the NY Mets (WE LOVE THAT), watching and playing basketball, working out and watching football (with her being a Giant’s fan, and he being a Jet’s fan).  They love their 2 dogs-Sophie and Madison and really enjoy quality time with family and friends, eating out, traveling and trying new things together.  We met this couple on a VERY cold afternoon for their engagement session.  We hit up Lost & Found in Albany as they know the owners and did some neat indoor pics at the bar.  We then moved over to the Capital surrounding area for some outdoor pics.  We can not wait to hang out with these two again on their Wedding day coming up in November 2022 at the Desmond.

Love these bar shots

Schae & Michael's Engagement Session 2021-12-16_0002 2021-12-16_0003 2021-12-16_0004

Some drinks 

2021-12-16_0005 2021-12-16_0006 2021-12-16_0007 2021-12-16_0008 2021-12-16_0009 2021-12-16_0010

OMG her hair with these B&W’s is amazing!!! Even in the cold breeze,

2021-12-16_0011 2021-12-16_0012 2021-12-16_0013


2021-12-16_0014 2021-12-16_0015

Hit up another spot

2021-12-16_0016 2021-12-16_0017 2021-12-16_0018

Amazing how the foliage stayed so long on the trees this year.

2021-12-16_0019 2021-12-16_0020 2021-12-16_0021


2021-12-16_0022 2021-12-16_0023 2021-12-16_0024 2021-12-16_0025

These 2 make a seriously beautiful couple


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