Sarah & Lou’s Engagement Session Schenectady NY Engagement Photographers

Sarah and Lou met during Sarah’s first job out of law school.  She was introduced by the woman she worked with and the two literally met in the law office when Lou came in for a meeting.  Lou asked Sarah out for drinks the following weekend and something sparked.  They hit it off immediately.

Lou proposed to Sarah up in Lake George on a CRAZY weather day.  His plan was to do it out on a boat in the middle of the lake, but with inclement weather approaching, plans were quickly diverted to dinner in town.  Before dinner, the weather cleared up and Lou mentioned that they should go down by the dock, which confused Sarah cause being a crazy day, she just wanted to get to dinner.  Lou got down on one knee to propose.  After Sarah said Yes, they look back and see all of their family and friends cheering them on.  What a memorable day.

This couple loves their dog, Lola; who we got to meet at the session.  She’s a 3 year old black lab/pitbull mix. They enjoy going to Yankee games together and going out to eat.  We can’t wait to capture their Wedding Day in July of 2017 at the NY State Museum.

Lola is such a pretty dog.

Sarah & Lou's Engagement Session 2016-10-14_0002

Some love on Jay Street

2016-10-14_0003 2016-10-14_0004 2016-10-14_0005 2016-10-14_0006 2016-10-14_0007 2016-10-14_0008

He makes her laugh

2016-10-14_0009 2016-10-14_0010 2016-10-14_0011


2016-10-14_0012 2016-10-14_0013 2016-10-14_0014 2016-10-14_0015

So the session had just wrapped and Keith looks down the street and sees this!  He catches the couple and says just a few more.  What an eye Keith has!!

2016-10-14_0016 2016-10-14_0017

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