Sabrina & Sam’s Engagement Session Western MA Engagement Photographer

What an absolute thrill when one of our wedding colleagues inquires about us photographing their wedding.  Sabrina is one of the singers from the area band, Funk Evolution.  Check them out and hear her amazing voice.

About 9 years ago, Sabrina used to frequent a karaoke bar on Thursday nights.  Sam’s 2 friends frequented the same bar on the same night as well.  The 2 friends constantly told Sam he needed to come to the karaoke bar to meet this girl who they thought was perfect for him.  He finally got there and saw the girl they were talking about.  Around closing time, Sam found out where Sabrina was headed next and him and his friends headed to the same last-call dive bar. Sabrina & Sam locked eyes the moment she walked in and Sam asked his friends to introduce him to her.  For the next 2 hours, they talked about music and dogs and hit it off.  Nine years later, those are still their favorite topics to talk about.  The couple dated for those 9 years and in October, Sam asked Sabrina if she wanted to go look at rings at a jeweler down the street as he had no idea what she liked.  She got very excited looking but Sam didn’t buy anything that day.  Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, the couple had a quiet dinner before friends came over to celebrate the holiday.  After dinner, Sabrina got up to wash the dishes, and Sam placed a rather large wrapped gift where she was sitting.  Sabrina came out and opened the box to find a palm tree charm.  Every year they take a trip to the Caribbean.  But due to COVID, could not that year.  Sam looked at her and said he wanted to bring vacation to her.  She melted!!  Then he said, “but that’s not really what goes in the box.”   He had her take a seat, which she couldn’t…he got on one knee and popped the question.  Sabrina immediately said “YES.”  This couple both LOVE music.  Sam is a great drummer and guitar player and Sabrina is a singer.  Although they rarely play together, they always appreciate music together as they try to see as many concerts as possible in a year.  They also enjoy cruises to the Caribbean.  We met up with them near where they live and they showed us around a little bit.  We had fun taking pics here and there and came across some neat street art as well.  We can not wait to celebrate with these two in September 2022 at Old Daley on Crooked Lake.

Sabrina & Sam's Engagement Session

We adore how he makes her giggle

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Nice choice on the ring; Sam

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We encourage a little goofiness


Loved this street art and knew we had to use for a photo

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Awesome couple

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