Reva & Jon’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Rebecca (who likes to be called Reva) and Jon met when Jon worked as a corrections officer at the Sheriffs department where Reva worked.  They crossed paths a few times, and joke that their first conversation took place in the booking department located inside the jail.  They dated for a time and then Jon booked a surprise trip to Florida, where Reva’s parent’s live.  He wanted to propose on the beach, but wanted both sets of parents to be there.  Reva came home from work one day and Jon told her to pack her bags because they were getting on a plane in a few hours.  All Reva figured out was they were going to Florida.  A few days later, they had lunch near the beach with Reva’s parents.  They went to have a picture taken with the beach in the background, and right when they were posing, Jon’s parents showed up.  Score for Jon because he was able to get both parents there and be on the beach for the proposal.  This couple enjoy working out together and they like cooking together as well.  We met these guys and their dog up at John Boyd Thacher Park for a casual set of shots and a more dressed up set of shots.  They are super fun and we know we will have a blast with them capturing their May 2021 wedding at Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co.

My Humans are Getting Married!

Reva & Jon's Engagement Session 2020-07-03_0002

Love using the new Visitor Center as a backdrop

2020-07-03_0003 2020-07-03_0004 2020-07-03_0005

Quick change of clothes

2020-07-03_0006 2020-07-03_0007

You have to get a shot with the Overlook tree

2020-07-03_0008 2020-07-03_0009 2020-07-03_0010 2020-07-03_0011 2020-07-03_0012 2020-07-03_0013 2020-07-03_0014 2020-07-03_0015 2020-07-03_0016 2020-07-03_0017

So in love

2020-07-03_0018 2020-07-03_0019

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