Rachel & Craig’s Engagement Session Schenectady NY Engagement Photographers

Rachel & Craig met at Union College.   Which was the perfect place to meet up with them for their Engagement session.

They ran in the same circles but really didn’t get to know each other till Senior Year when a bunch of their friends went as a large group together to the Dominican Republic.  Craig was eyeing Rachel, but was unsure how to approach her, so their friend Mary played matchmaker and hooked them up. 

Craig proposed to Rachel in Central park. He even planned a huge party with both of their friends and family after, without Rachel even knowing anything.  The two love sports and are big NY Giants and NY Ranger fans.  They also love to travel.  We can’t wait to capture their big day in November of 2018 at the Hall of Springs.

Rachel & Craig's Engagement Session

We fell in love with Rachel’s flowy dress.


She has an amazing smile

2017-09-14_0004 2017-09-14_0005 2017-09-14_0006 2017-09-14_0007 2017-09-14_0008

Union College’s famous Nott Memorial

2017-09-14_0009 2017-09-14_0010 2017-09-14_0011

Love these cute images with the Union College bikes

2017-09-14_0012 2017-09-14_0013 2017-09-14_0014 2017-09-14_0015


2017-09-14_0016 2017-09-14_0017 2017-09-14_0018 2017-09-14_0019 2017-09-14_0020

Sun flare!

2017-09-14_0021 2017-09-14_0022

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  1. The size of the smile on both your faces is reflective on how you both feel about one another. Just breathtaking photo’s!!!!!!

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