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Nicole & Dan, Courtyard By Marriott Lake George, September 20, 2019


Nicole and Dan are a fun couple.  So much fun that they shared a celebratory Tequila shot directly after their First Look.  The day was filled with dancing, laughter and well, tequila.  These two kept us smiling all day and even when little surprises like a guy in a red speedo photo bombed a shot, these two rolled with the punches and kept things hysterical.  We started the day at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Lake George where Nicole and her girls were eating lunch when we arrived.  We chatted it up with the girls while they helped us gather and shoot the details of the Bride.  Meanwhile, Dan got ready in a conference room downstairs and our good friend, Michelle Dischaivo from Intuition Events was on hand to pin on the guys’ boutineers.  Nicole got dressed and had an emotional first reveal with her dad.  We then set up the first look for across the street down near the water.  Meg walked Nicole over and right before their First Look, Nicole poured the two a shot of Tequila that they shared directly after seeing each other.  We spent a short time down on the docks and the two had these neat wooden sun glasses that helped shade their eyes from the bright sun.  A friend of the coupe who was staying at a neighboring motel, was lounging on the beach with some interesting attire.  Of course we told him to run behind the couple when taking the shot.  We then headed over to Shepard Park where we worked in the shade for the rest of the picture time.  The couple were married inside the hotel and then guests moved to the cocktail space.  We grabbed the couple after a bit of enjoying their cocktails and headed to the roof of the hotel where we had to break up a birthday party for some random guy to get a few shots with the lake in the background.  His group were very accommodating and were such good sports that they even danced around the couple.  Reception began on the second floor and guests were amazed by some energetic entrances and then got immediately on the dance floor for a party starter dance.  DJ Nate and Channing killed it.  Right after speeches, Mazzone set up 2 long tables on the dance floor and the whole wedding party joined in for a competitive game of Flip Cup.  The ladies won!  Everyone danced the night away and we ended the night with the guys outside for some cigars.  What a day; Nicole and Dan.  It was such a pleasure and absolute blast capturing your Wedding Day.  Congrats again guys and CHEERS!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Julianne Ramos (Groom’s cousin)          Venue:  Courtyard by Marriott, Lake George          Catering:  Mazzone Hospitality          Venue Coordinator:  Shana Dicocco, Amanda Tracey, and Lucian Rizzo from Mazzone          Music:  DJ Nate Miller and Channing Tullis Koonz from Piano Man DJ Productions          Floral Design:  Intuition Events and Design          Hair & Makeup:  Salon Innova (formally Couture Salon)          Bride’s Gown:  David’s Bridal           Attendants’ Gowns:  Azazie          Men’s Attire:  Mr. Formal Wear          Rings:  Hannoush Jewelers          Invitations:  Vistaprint          Video:  Ryan & Gabby Gifford from Gifford Videography Inc.          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtags:  #DroppingDopp and #FinallyFruscio

Bride Prep.

Nicole & Dan's Wedding 2019-11-06_0002 2019-11-06_0003 2019-11-06_0004 2019-11-06_0005 2019-11-06_0006

First Reveal with dad


Groom Prep.

2019-11-06_0008 2019-11-06_0009 2019-11-06_0010 2019-11-06_0011

First Look and a shot of Tequila


These 2 are goof balls

2019-11-06_0014 2019-11-06_0016 2019-11-06_0017 2019-11-06_0018

Um, well that’s a first, LOL


Love the light over at Shepard’s Park

2019-11-06_0020 2019-11-06_0021 2019-11-06_0022

So Pretty!

2019-11-06_0023 2019-11-06_0024 2019-11-06_0025 2019-11-06_0026 2019-11-06_0027 2019-11-06_0028

A while back, when the couple were dating, they carved their initials into this dock.  We found it and of course got a pic.

2019-11-06_0029 2019-11-06_0030

This Wedding Party made the day so fun



2019-11-06_0032 2019-11-06_0033


2019-11-06_0034 2019-11-06_0035 2019-11-06_0036 2019-11-06_0037 2019-11-06_0038 2019-11-06_0039


2019-11-06_0040 2019-11-06_0041 2019-11-06_0042 2019-11-06_0043 2019-11-06_0044

Thanks to this crew who let us invade their birthday party!!  Great dancers and attitude all of you!


That’s an entrance

2019-11-06_0046 2019-11-06_0047 2019-11-06_0048 2019-11-06_0049 2019-11-06_0050

Flip Cup

2019-11-06_0051 2019-11-06_0052

I spy #hitlinalumni Christie and CJ!!

2019-11-06_0053 2019-11-06_0054 2019-11-06_0055

Amazing Crew: Michelle on floral, Meg bringing the bride, Lucian (aka mobster), Keith, Ryan and Gabby on video, and DJ Nate and Channing


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  1. Beautiful Couple, beautiful wedding…I want to do the wedding over again!❤️
    Thank you to the photographer staff for the beautiful photos.

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