Mandee & David’s Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co. Wedding Troy NY Wedding Photographers

Mandee & David, December 16, 2016, Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co.


So Mandee and David’s wedding probably goes down as one of our coldest weddings we’ve photographed; but let me tell you, looking at some of their images, you would think it was warm and toasty all day.  These two just have a way that they look at each other that makes you say, “awe!”  We met up with Mandee and her girls at their apartment at the beginning of the day.  As Mandee got her hair done, she was handed a slew of letters and notes from her loved ones to read.  The bridesmaids watched on as Mandee read each post-it note, which ended up forming a long chain sent by David.  The atmosphere was super chill and we got to work doing details.  One of Mandee’s bridesmaids brought along special celebratory Brut from One Hope Wines, which were bottled in the most beautiful way.  We were told for every bottle the company sells, they donate back to organizations in need.  LOVE THIS IDEA!  Mandee was finishing up in the makeup chair when her flower girl arrived. Let me tell you; this little girl stole the show for the entire day!  You will see why below.  What a cutie.  After Mandee was dressed we all braved the cold to get some amazing shots of her and her girls outside.  We then headed over to Revolution Hall, where we met up with David and his guys.  Mandee snuck in through the side door and we did a quick reveal with her father.  The couple were married in the ballroom with all of their loved ones witnessing their nuptials.  We utilized the interior of the building for most shots because it was FRIGID outdoors.  We did get outside for a few and thank goodness Mandee had a lovely wool coat to wear.  Guests were treated to a delicious dinner by Browns Brewing Co. and even got a chance to enjoy a doughnut from Albany famous, Cider Belly Doughnuts.  Dancing went on through the night and these two even let loose on the dance floor quite a bit.  It was such a spectacular day!

Thanks again Mandee and David for choosing Hitlin Photography to capture one of the most important days of your lives.  We wish you much love and peace!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiate:  Gerry Pettograsso          Venue:  Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co.          Catering:  Brown’s Brewing Co.          Coordinator:  Carrie Harkin from Revolution Hall          Dessert:  Cider Belly Doughnuts          Music:  Joe from Complete Events          Floral Design:   Eco Flowers done by Bride          Makeup & Hair:  Bailee Besso          Bride’s Gown:  Mikaella by Palmoa Blanca from Angela’s Bridal          Attendants’ Gowns:  Adrianna Papell from Macy’s          Mens’ Attire:  Joseph A. Banks          Rings:  Glennpeter Jewelers          Video:  Caleb Dudek          Photographers:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Wedding Hashtags:  #wedthatwicki  and  #farewelltotyrrell

Bride Prep.

Mandee & David's Wedding 2017-01-27_0002 2017-01-27_0003 2017-01-27_0004 2017-01-27_0005 2017-01-27_0006

Come on girls, it is SO WARM out, right?  Love this shot!



2017-01-27_0008 2017-01-27_0009 2017-01-27_0010

Let’s head over to Revolution Hall


The guys

2017-01-27_0012 2017-01-27_0013 2017-01-27_0014 2017-01-27_0015

First Reveal with dad

2017-01-27_0016 2017-01-27_0017 2017-01-27_0018


2017-01-27_0019 2017-01-27_0020 2017-01-27_0021 2017-01-27_0022

They did it!  #Hitlinfreshfromthealtar, #Hitlininstapic


This crew was just itching to let loose

2017-01-27_0024 2017-01-27_0025

I mean, seriously!



2017-01-27_0027 2017-01-27_0029 2017-01-27_0030 2017-01-27_0031

Yeah I agree, let’s go back inside!


Those socks; too cute!




I’ll have one of those, and one of those, and one of those…

2017-01-27_0035 2017-01-27_0036 2017-01-27_0037 2017-01-27_0038

Great ring shots,  one on top of ornament favors custom made, and the other on top of Mandee’s Eco Flower arrangement.  Those flowers are made of wood people!  So cool!

2017-01-27_0039 2017-01-27_0040 2017-01-27_0041

Hey I spy Hitlin Wedding Alumni, Kristy and Matt Koonz!




Great team!  The girls on beauty, Meg, Caleb on video and Joe explaining that you’re supposed to catch the bouquet.


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