Lisa & Cory’s Engagement Session

Lisa and Cory met at a Coke Swindell concert in 2015.  Lisa’s bestfriend grew up with Cory and introduced the two at the concert.  After dating a while, Cory took Lisa on a romantic weekend away in the Adirondacks.  They went out to a fancy dinner and when Lisa came back to the table after using the ladies’ room; Cory surprised her with singing a song and then getting on one knee and proposing in front of everyone in the dining area.  Such a sweet surprise. This couple shares 2 dogs and they love them to pieces.  They also enjoy Italian food, camping, ice cream and football together.  We met up with them at Thacher Park for their engagement sessions.  They brought their two beautiful dogs with them.  We can’t wait for their June 2021 Wedding day at the Glen Sanders Mansion.

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