Lindsay & Max’s Saratoga Hall of Springs Wedding Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographers

Lindsay & Max, August 28, 2021, Hall of Springs, Saratoga Springs, NY


Lindsay and Max had an amazing day back at the end of August.  Saratoga Springs was a buzz with the Travers at the race track while we made our way to Lindsay’s AirBnb for Bride Prep.  This place was gorgeous.  There was tons of room for everyone to do their thing and the master suite upstairs was perfect for the Bride getting in her dress.  We drove to the church in Schenectady, and the couple were married in a Catholic Ceremony.  Everyone then headed to the Hall of Springs and we started pictures right away.  We captured some great images with this couple and had fun as always working along with our pal; Al Woodard on video.  Lindsay had such a gorgeous dress, which included a gorgeous bow on the back and pockets.  I think we showcased it quite well.  Max looked super sharp in his tux as well.  The couple enjoyed their entire cocktail hour and then everyone took their seats for the Reception.  It was a lively party, DJ’ed by our good friend Brian GarreauArtist; Gretchen Tisch was on hand and created a formal painting of the couple’s first dance while all the guests ate and enjoyed themselves.  She then presented her masterpiece to the couple; which they adored.  We even got out for a quick night shot of the couple on the portico.  It was a lovely day with you; Lindsay and Max.  Thanks for having Hitlin Photography Inc. capture your wedding day.  

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Ceremony Location:  St. Anthony’s Church, Schenectady, NY          Officiant:  Father Carlino          Venue:  Hall of Springs          Catering:  Mazzone Hospitality          Venue Coordinator:  Alexis Coleman from Mazzone and Lindsay          Venue Decor:  Total Events, LLC           Floral Design:  Dehn’s Flowers          Music:  DJ Brian Garreau from Conway Entertainment          Makeup:  Jessica Longton from Makeup by Jess        Hair:  Marianne Morgalis and Arielle Turner          Bride’s Gown:  Martina Liana from Lily Saratoga           Attendants’ Gown:  BirdyGrey          Men’s Attire:  Tuxes from Mr. Formal Wear          Rings:  The Source Jewelers          Invitations:  Truly Engaging by MagnetStreet          Transportation:  Upstate Transit of Saratoga LLC          Video:  Al Woodard from Al Woodard Films          Photo Booth:  Music Man Entertainment          Live Painter:  Gretchen Tisch from Feathered Antler            Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  NoDowdAboutIt

Bride Prep.

Lindsay & Max's Wedding 2021-10-13_0002 2021-10-13_0003

Gift from Bridesmaids.  They made a book of well wishes and pics.

2021-10-13_0004 2021-10-13_0005 2021-10-13_0006 2021-10-13_0007 2021-10-13_0008 2021-10-13_0009 2021-10-13_0010 2021-10-13_0011

First Reveal with Dad




First Reveal with Bridesmaids


Ceremony at St. Anthony’s


Yeah, Max!

2021-10-13_0016 2021-10-13_0017 2021-10-13_0018 2021-10-13_0019 2021-10-13_0020 2021-10-13_0021 2021-10-13_0022

Love that she ditched the heels


Next Stop, Hall of Springs



2021-10-13_0025 2021-10-13_0026

Such a beautiful couple

2021-10-13_0027 2021-10-13_0028 2021-10-13_0029


2021-10-13_0030 2021-10-13_0031 2021-10-13_0032

Perfect Veil Drop; thanks Ruthie!


These two looked like perfection

2021-10-13_0036 2021-10-13_0037 2021-10-13_0039

Lindsay was so beautiful

2021-10-13_0040 2021-10-13_0041 2021-10-13_0042


2021-10-13_0043 2021-10-13_0044

The Groomsmen got ICED by the Bridesmaids during entrances

2021-10-13_0045 2021-10-13_0046 2021-10-13_0047 2021-10-13_0048

Live Painter; Gretchen Tisch working on a masterpiece while guests ate.

2021-10-13_0049 2021-10-13_0050

It was the Travers at the track that day, and the couple placed a bet for every guest.  There were a few winners in the crowd, but I think these 2 are the biggest winners.


Some night shots

2021-10-13_0053 2021-10-13_0054

Presenting the Painting


What a PARTY!


A GREAT TEAM: Mariane on Hair, Ruthie from Mazzone, Al on video, Cody in the photo booth, Keith hiding under the veil, DJ Brian, Painter Gretchen and Keith and Meg


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  1. Everything was perfect. Beautiful couple, Beautiful venues, Beautiful photos! We enjoyed celebrating with you so much!!

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