Lindsay & Justin’s Old Daley at Saratoga Polo Association Wedding Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographers

Lindsay & Justin, Old Daley at Saratoga Polo Association, September 30, 2017



It was quite a cold, overcast day when we headed up to Saratoga for Lindsay and Justin’s big day.  We saw that even though there was to be a lot of cloud cover, the rain would stay at bay.  We started out at the Gideon Putnam hotel, where Lindsay and her girls were busy doing makeup and getting hair done.  Once Lindsay got into her wedding gown, we headed downstairs for a first look in the back of the hotel.  Justin seemed calm, but I think the nerves were getting to him.  Setting up the First Look, he just couldn’t wait to see his bride.  After he saw her, the nerves went away and we moved about the property getting some shots near the hotel, and the golf course next door.  The hotel was holding a Porsche show, so we even grabbed some photos with the cars.  We then headed over to Saratoga Polo where we finished doing some more portraits of the couple.  We love that the arbor they chose to get married under, would soon be theirs and gracing their garden at hom;, so we took quite a bit of portraits near it.  The couple were married outdoors in front of around 150 people, and Lindsay’s sister officiated.  After an amazing cocktail hour with delicious food samplings from Old Daley (they even had a sushi bar), guests entered the ballroom tent for dinner.  Some great speeches were given and the dance floor was filled with many guests cutting loose.  We caught the couple sharing some cigars outside with friends and then we snuck in some amazing night shots to round off the evening.

Thank you Lindsay and Justin for letting us share your special day with you.  It was full of smiles and laughter and we wish you both a happily ever after!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Molly Hummel (Bride’s sister)        Venue:  Old Daley at Saratoga Polo Association          Catering:  Old Daley Custom Catering          Cake:  Make Me a Cake Next Door          Coordination:  Susan Minahan from Old Daley          Music:  Tom Silva from All Around Sound          Floral Design:  Samantha Nass Floral Design          Hair:  Leigh Brockmann from Haven Hair Studio          Bride’s Gown:  Paloma Blanca from Angela’s Bridal          Attendants’ Gowns: and David’s Bridal          Mens’ Attire:  H&M, Men’s Wearhouse, and Lord & Taylor          Rings:  Bride & Groom’s Grandparent’s rings, modified by Philip Alexander Jewelers          Invitations:          Transportation:  Advantage Transit Group          Ceremony Arbor:  Weathered Wood, Troy, NY          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bride Prep.

Lindsay & Justin's Wedding 2017-11-14_0002 2017-11-14_0003 2017-11-14_0004 2017-11-14_0005

Love this sister gift


A piece of Grandmother’s dress sewn in

2017-11-14_0007 2017-11-14_0008

First Look

2017-11-14_0009 2017-11-14_0010 2017-11-14_0011

Looking good guys

2017-11-14_0012 2017-11-14_0013 2017-11-14_0014 2017-11-14_0015 2017-11-14_0016

Love these telephone bays

2017-11-14_0017 2017-11-14_0018

Warm thoughts girls!

2017-11-14_0019 2017-11-14_0020 2017-11-14_0021

Time to head to Polo

2017-11-14_0022 2017-11-14_0023 2017-11-14_0024 2017-11-14_0026 2017-11-14_0027

LOVE this arbor

2017-11-14_0028 2017-11-14_0029


2017-11-14_0030 2017-11-14_0031

Dad reveal

2017-11-14_0032 2017-11-14_0033


2017-11-14_0034 2017-11-14_0035 2017-11-14_0036 2017-11-14_0037

A bird’s eye view!

2017-11-14_0038 2017-11-14_0039 2017-11-14_0040

Lavender seeds




LOL, had to share. These were found in the bathrooms

2017-11-14_0042 2017-11-14_0044 2017-11-14_0045

Polo Champage Sabrage with out favorite Old Daley friend, Marty Keary

2017-11-14_0046 2017-11-14_0047 2017-11-14_0048 2017-11-14_0049 2017-11-14_0050 2017-11-14_0051

The bride joined in


Love these night shots

2017-11-14_0053 2017-11-14_0054 2017-11-14_0055

Such a great team, Keith, Old Daley crew; ha ha Marty, Meg, Susan from Old Daley and DJ Tom


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