Leah & Chris’ Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Leah and Chris met in Law School and were in the same group and had all of their classes together.  Chris sat near Leah in class based on assigned seating.  They became friends quickly.  They remained friends even though Chris left law school.  Right before the Pandemic,  Chris asked Leah out on a date and they started dating right when the Pandemic went into lock down.  Leah’s best friend does photography on the side for her journalism job and Chris asked her to do a “special” photo shoot.  He told Leah that they were going to do photos to build her friend’s portfolio.  When they arrived, there was a scene set up with flowers and champagne right in the Gazebo by the pond.  Chris popped the question right there.  This couple enjoys going for long walks with their Dog; Luna and taking her to local parks.  They both are very competitive gamers; especially with Super Mario Party.  Chris is also working on turning Leah into a Buffalo Bills fan (which she’s cool with the tailgating part).  We met these two at the Crossings of Colonie where Chris proposed for their engagement session.  We’re looking forward to their Wedding at River Stone Manor in September 2023.




Leah & Chris' Engagement Session 2022-09-28_0002 2022-09-28_0003 2022-09-28_0004 2022-09-28_0005 2022-09-28_0006

So happy together

2022-09-28_0007 2022-09-28_0008 2022-09-28_0009

Quick change of clothing

2022-09-28_0010 2022-09-28_0011 2022-09-28_0012 2022-09-28_0013 2022-09-28_0014

Neat chess table for a ring shot

2022-09-28_0015 2022-09-28_0016 2022-09-28_0017 2022-09-28_0018 2022-09-28_0019

Where he proposed

2022-09-28_0020 2022-09-28_0021 2022-09-28_0022

The birds surprised us

2022-09-28_0023 2022-09-28_0024 2022-09-28_0025 2022-09-28_0026 2022-09-28_0027 2022-09-28_0028

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