Lauren & Kevin’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Scotia NY Wedding Photographers

Lauren & Kevin, September 7, 2018, Glen Sanders Mansion


We had such a gorgeous day for Lauren & Kevin’s Wedding.  We started with Lauren and her girls at a beautiful private residence where they were finishing up hair and makeup and toasting the Bride before she got in her dress.  There was ample space in the living room area, so it was fun capturing the Bride getting dressed from various angles. We moved over to Christ the King church where we met up with Kevin.  We delivered a gift from the Bride and had him open it.  Lauren had socks made with her face all over them and we thought it was such a funny gift.  This church has a neat ceiling and made for some dramatic pictures during the ceremony and some portraits right after.  The couple were married in front of around 160 guests.  We all then proceeded to Glen Sanders Mansion, where we had a good amount of time capturing the newlyweds on the gorgeous dock on the river and some beautiful blue skies up on the deck of their hotel suite.  Their ballroom was a beautiful shade of lavender with a gorgeous monogram of the couple lit on the wall.  The couple and their guests had a blast dancing to all the top songs and enjoyed all the amazing food that Mazzone Hospitality spread out.  We snuck out for some quick night shots and some warm fire pit shots, which are always a favorite.  We had a fun time with you both Lauren and Kevin, and wish you all the best; especially in your new home a few states away. 

Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Father Fitzmaurice          Ceremony Location:  Christ the King Church, Albany, NY          Reception Location:  Glen Sanders Mansion          Catering:  Mazzone Hospitality          Cake:  Kristin Hartman          Venue Coordinator:  Maria DeMartino (booking), Lesley Pistilli (day of)          Music:  DJ Brian Garreau of Conway Entertainment          Floral Design:  Market Bistro          Makeup & Hair:  Alexandria’s Beauty Salon          Bride’s Gown:  Essence of Australia from Lily Saratoga          Attendants’ Gowns:  Sorella Vita from Lily Saratoga          Mens’ Attire:  Waldorf Tuxedo          Rings:  Hannoush Jewelers          Invitations:          Transportation:  The Getty Up          Video:  Shane McHugh          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #SwipedRightOffHerFeet

Bride Prep.

2018-10-23_0001 2018-10-23_0002 2018-10-23_0003 2018-10-23_0004 2018-10-23_0005 2018-10-23_0006 2018-10-23_0007 2018-10-23_0008 2018-10-23_0009 2018-10-23_0010

This house was awesome

2018-10-23_0011 2018-10-23_0012

Head to Church to meet up with the Groom.  This little guy was SO CUTE!


LOL, those socks

2018-10-23_0014 2018-10-23_0015


2018-10-23_0016 2018-10-23_0017 2018-10-23_0018 2018-10-23_0019 2018-10-23_0020 2018-10-23_0021

We try to make family photos fun :).  FYI that guy was the trouble maker of the family.


That ceiling


Final stop, Glen Sanders Mansion

2018-10-23_0024 2018-10-23_0025

Can’t go wrong with a dock pic

2018-10-23_0026 2018-10-23_0027 2018-10-23_0029 2018-10-23_0030 2018-10-23_0031 2018-10-23_0032

She is so pretty, and we loved her dress

2018-10-23_0033 2018-10-23_0034 2018-10-23_0035 2018-10-23_0036 2018-10-23_0037 2018-10-23_0038 2018-10-23_0039

Nothing but blue skies ahead for this couple!

2018-10-23_0040 2018-10-23_0041


2018-10-23_0042 2018-10-23_0043 2018-10-23_0044 2018-10-23_0045 2018-10-23_0046 2018-10-23_0047 2018-10-23_0048

Great Team:  The ladies of Alexandria’s, Keith and Meg, Lesley, and DJ Brian


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