Laura & Nick’s Old Daley on Crooked Lake Wedding Albany NY Wedding Photographer

Laura & Nick, November 3, 2023, Old Daley on Crooked Lake


November started to show some cooler temperatures, but we were just mild enough in the beginning of November to get in one more outdoor ceremony.  Laura and Nick came up from Charleston, SC for their big day at Old Daley on Crooked Lake.  We had communicated mostly through phone and email and we were so excited to be together for their Wedding.  Laura and Nick got ready in their respective suites upstairs.  Laura and her girls had a fun toast and then her mom and sister helped get into her gown.  Nick was toasted by his best man and both fathers after getting fully suited up.  Laura had a reveal with her dad and then the couple saw each other for a First Look right outside of Old Daley’s main entrance.  We moved around the property on this very sunny day capturing the couple.  We headed inside to the Oak Room for some gorgeous images by the bar and even did some photos in the breezeway.  The couple had an outdoor ceremony by the lake and guests were given scarves if extra warmth was needed.  After the Ceremony, Laura and Nick greeted all of their guests in a receiving line leading into the Cocktail Hour room.  We shot the details of the Reception as the couple mingled with guests.  The tables each had a unique number that was made out of one large piece of marble cut into various pieces.  A Tuscan head table was situated to face the stage as Funk Evolution was to preform.  White Lotus adorned all the tables with a beautiful array of white florals and greenery.  The couple had their first dance and the party got under way as the band took the stage.  Everyone ended the night enjoying some Cider Belly donuts for dessert.  We really had so much fun with you both; Laura and Nick.  Our cheeks still hurt a little from all the smiling and giggling we did with you as we took your pictures.  Congrats again to you both.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Ryan Newman (Bride’s brother-in-law)         Venue:  Old Daley on Crooked Lake          Venue Coordination:  Nick Valenti from Old Daley          Desserts:  Cider Belly Donuts          Band:  Funk Evolution          Floral Design:  White Lotus Floral Design          Makeup & Hair:  Heart & Soul House of Beauty          Bride’s Gown:  Stella York from Lily Saratoga          Attendants’ Gowns:  Birdy Grey          Men’s Attire:  Jos A. Banks          Rings:  Sandler’s Diamonds & Time; Charleston, SC          Invitations:  Canva          Photo Booth:  Pixilated          Marble Table Numbers:  Adam Ross Cut Stone Co.          Transportation:  Yankee Trails          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin from Hitlin Photography Inc. with asst. Hannah Prescott

Bride Prep.

Laura & Nick's Wedding 2023-12-21_0002 2023-12-21_0003

Groom Prep.

2023-12-21_0004 2023-12-21_0005 2023-12-21_0006 2023-12-21_0007

Laura was a stunner


Reveal with Dad

2023-12-21_0009 2023-12-21_0010 2023-12-21_0011

First Look

2023-12-21_0012 2023-12-21_0014

We love a dress with pockets!

2023-12-21_0015 2023-12-21_0016 2023-12-21_0017 2023-12-21_0018 2023-12-21_0019 2023-12-21_0021

Love these images with the bar

2023-12-21_0022 2023-12-21_0023 2023-12-21_0024 2023-12-21_0025 2023-12-21_0026 2023-12-21_0027 2023-12-21_0028 2023-12-21_0029 2023-12-21_0030 2023-12-21_0031 2023-12-21_0032 2023-12-21_0033


2023-12-21_0034 2023-12-21_0035 2023-12-21_0036 2023-12-21_0037 2023-12-21_0038 2023-12-21_0039


2023-12-21_0040 2023-12-21_0041 2023-12-21_0042 2023-12-21_0043 2023-12-21_0044 2023-12-21_0045 2023-12-21_0046

Funk Evolution in the HOUSE

2023-12-21_0047 2023-12-21_0048 2023-12-21_0049 2023-12-21_0050

Fun with the Team:  Heart & Soul on beauty, Keith, Meg, Nick from Old Daley, Hannah getting some bts content, Rocco from Funk Evolution


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