Kristen & Mike’s E-Session, Broadalbin, NY

Choosing a unique location is always a plus for any photo shoot.  It’s even more meaningful for an engagement shoot, which helps to create the mood when documenting a couple’s love story.  Kristen and Mike decided on a very unique location at Broadalbin Beach located on the Great Sacandaga Lake.  Who knew we had such an awesome spot like this is upstate New York?  They also brought their own ideas to the session, which was awesome.  We love when our clients bring their own creativity to the table.  Meshed with ours, you really can’t go wrong with the results of a beautiful shoot!  We are eagerly anticipating their October 2012 wedding; we know it will be a BLAST!

Can anyone say Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun?  Mike is a big Tom Cruise fan!

So peaceful.  LOVE this location!

Having a good time fooling around

I didn’t even ask him to pick her up.  GREAT idea, Mike!


Love the vibrant colors of this shot.  Check out that sky!

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