Chrissy and Danny’s E-Session, Schodack, NY


Laughter is definitely the key to a fun engagement shoot!  Chrissy and Danny were such a fun couple!  Chrissy has got the best laughing smile around!  We shot down at the Schodack Island State Park and the session was made unique by bringing in some important elements.  Danny is an avid fisherman, and suggested bringing his fishing poles along.  In addition, they brought their fishing boat, which happened to be where Danny proposed.  We took a cruise around the Hudson River and got some beautiful shots during the “golden hour” of the two lovebirds and some on the interesting docks at the park.  Meg came along and was a trooper as Danny and Chrissy’s boat rocked and swayed on the water.  She kept Danny and Chrissy laughing!  We are very excited for them and looking forward to their August 2012 wedding.

LOVED the fishing pole idea!  Nice idea Danny!

Interesting ring shot!

Love those shoes, Chrissy!Meg, “hamming” it up for the camera.  Chrissy couldn’t stop laughing!One of my favorites from the shoot (Meg).  Just look at how she is looking at Danny!

Nice shot Meg!  Definitely love how the light cast its rays down in this pic.

Don’t fall in Danny!  Chrissy will save you!

Meg saying, “I SURVIVED!”Great shot on the dock!

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