Kate & Nick’s Engagement Session Troy NY Engagement Photographers

Kate used to live around the corner of Nick’s work. Nick noticed Kate out walking her dog one day.  Eventually a mutual friend realized that Kate was the girl who walked her dog that Nick always talked about.  He ended up introducing them and they hit it off right away.  After dating a while, the two were getting ready to go out to breakfast together at their favorite diner; the South Troy Diner; something they always enjoy doing on weekends.  Nick surprised Kate before they left with a proposal and ring.  The couple have a dog Lola and two cats; Thelma and Louise.  They enjoy going out to eat and are both big seafood fans.  We met these two at the Louis Rubin Memorial Approach at RPI for their engagement session.  They even brought Lola for some pictures.  We are looking forward to their March 2024 Wedding at Franklin Plaza.

Kate & Nick's Engagement Session


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