Kaitlin & Kristian’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Kaitlin and Kristian met while attending the College of Saint Ros.  They became members through Saint Rose Class FB group and connected there the summer before classes started.  From there, they were talking regularly from May to August and even scheduled their campus visit the same day to meet before classes began.  They’ve been together ever since.  After dating a bit, they were taking their annual historic trip to Boston during April Break.  While planning the trip, Kristian insisted they stop at Plymouth Rock as well and Kaitlin questioned, “Why? It’s just a rock.”  Little did she know that he wanted to propose by the water and historic site (FYI, Kaitlin is a history teacher).  When they got to the spot, Kristian asked Kaitlin to count the buoys on the cape to kill time.  As she counted, he got the ring out and got down one one knee.  She turned around and he asked her to marry him.  This couple are HUGE Yankees’ fans and enjoy going to several games a year; including Playoffs.  Their goal is to visit as many baseball stadiums that they can.  They also love the outdoors and hanging with family on Kristian’s family’s boat and cabin.  They also enjoy the beach, fishing, walks in the park and skiing together.  Every year they try to visit and explore historic sites as well.  They’ve also been known to hit up local bars for trivia as they consider themselves “trivia masters.” We spent some time one evening in The Crossings of Colonie shooting their fun engagement session.  Looking forward to capturing their Wedding Day in August 2024 at Old Daley on Crooked Lake.

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Give her a twirl

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Popping the bubbly

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